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Our son has played for Coach London for the past three years. Over that time, our son has shown significant development in three key areas: basketball IQ, understanding of fundamental team concepts and individual skills. Coach London is a dedicated, energetic and passionate basketball educator who has an obvious and genuine desire to see each of his players improve in all facets of the game. He teaches not only on-the-court skills, but stresses the importance of strong character and discipline as well. His focus on grounding his players in the fundamentals is well designed to prepare them for the next level. To help improve their basketball intellect and overall understanding of the game, he does not simply instruct the players on what to do, but he explains why it is important. In addition, Coach London has a keen understanding of each player's strengths and weaknesses, and in an encouraging and relatable way he motivates and challenges them to continually improve. Finally, Coach London's emphasis on fundamentals flows through to his teams' style of play, which is a successful combination of aggressive team defense and fluid ball movement on offense.

- Brandon Thomas, Lake Forest Parent

Aaron has done a tremendous job bringing energy, fundamentals, and fun to the game of basketball.  He demonstrates the ability to be both tough and compassionate, while fostering and developing confidence for kids at an early age.  We look forward to our son's continued development under Aaron's tutelage.

- Adam Rome, Northbrook Parent

Our son Mitch has been playing for Coach London for three years and we could not be happier.  Coach London excels not only in teaching competitive basketball and team sports, but also in making sure that the kids respect each other and have fun on and off the court.  His enthusiasm and energy is infectious, and our son’s skills have improved immensely because of Coach London.  We look forward to many more seasons with Coach London and MAN UP.


- Meg and Scott Humphrey, Northfield Parents

My son has had the great opportunity to be coached by Aaron for about 3 years. Aaron brings out the best in his players by teaching them the fundamentals of basketball through intense practices and plays while encouraging them and empowering them along the way. He makes them feel good about who they are as a player, while teaching them skills that go beyond the court. Aaron's infectious, humorous, intense personality, and true passion for the game shine every time he steps onto the court. My son is a better player, a better teammate and Aaron's biggest fan. We look forward to many more amazing basketball experiences with Coach London!!!

- Nina Furman, Northbrook Parent


Aaron does an excellent job of teaching both the fundamentals of basketball as well as incorporating practical life skills into both practices and games.  He is passionate about his craft and truly enjoys helping kids gain confidence and assertiveness via basketball.  He is an excellent communicator with both the kids and parents which is really the alpha that sets him apart from many of the other programs at the younger ages.  I look forward to continuing on with him as both my daughter and son have enjoyed the experience of playing under Aaron London!


- Al Meyers, Northbrook Parent

Our son has had a great experience while playing for Coach London.  His game has improved in many ways over the past three years and we credit Coach Aaron London. Aaron's dedication and enthusiasm for the game create an amazing environment for the team. His knowledge of basketball speaks for itself when we watch these young boys play at such an impressive level. It's easy to see how much the boys enjoy playing for Aaron and have a lot of fun together as well.

- Joanna Nelson, Glenview Parent

We are extremely pleased with the experience that both our boys have had working with Coach London. Not only have we noticed an ongoing improvement in their basketball skills, Coach London knows just how to boost their confidence both on and off of the court.  It is clear that Coach London truly loves his work.  The kids have a high level of respect for him.  He sets high expectations and teaches the kids the best ways to be able to reach them.  While taking the game very seriously, he also ensures that the kids are enjoying themselves along they way.

- Neal & Mindy Gold, Buffalo Grove Parents

Coach London and the MAN UP program has been a great experience!  Our son has definitely improved as a player by playing with Coach London’s teams.  Our son is also involved in other sports and Coach London is very flexible with this.  Coach makes every effort to schedule tournaments/games to accommodate those that are involved in sports other than basketball.  It has been a great opportunity for our son to continue to grow as a basketball player while maintaining his commitment to his baseball program.  We highly recommend the MAN UP program!!!

- Michele and Kurt Schmitke, Lincolnshire Parents

Great coaching .... and my son is having a great time playing for this organization. It is the first time in travel basketball everything is organized. Love that Coach London teaches fundamentals and how to play the game the correct way.

- JR Taylor, Lake in the Hills Parent

Definitely a different style of coaching- by different we mean finally a coach who cares about teaching basketball "the right way."  Both of our boys play for Coach London.  We appreciate his passion and love of the game as well as for the boys.  He truly believes in them and wants them to be the best that they can be playing the game and not just winning.


- Sue and Aleks Cekic, Mt. Prospect Parents 

Coach London runs his program with passion and enthusiasm, and most importantly, with integrity.  He not only has been instrumental in making our son a better player, but also has made him a better teammate on and off the court.  We are excited to see him continue to develop in Coach London's excellent program for many years to come.


- Jeff Dohnal, Winnetka Parent

My son Ian joined the MAN UP Basketball program (North Suburbs) in the spring. Coach London’s knowledge and extreme passion for the game of basketball is helping develop young boys into respectable young adults.  Coach London pushes Ian and all the boys on the team to be the best they can be. Coach London is not only the owner but he is the only coach for all his teams which is nice to not have a high school kid coach my son. He wants to know the kids but he also knows all the parents, he makes it like a family. Coach London is teaching these boys to be ready for middle school and also high school basketball.

- Scott Ravagnie, Huntley Parent

Our son has played for Aaron London for several years which has been a very rewarding experience. Coach London really knows the game of basketball and understands how to motivate his players. You can find either one or the other in coaching but it's rare to find someone who possesses both qualities. He pushes them to be their best while teaching them the game and having fun doing it. That's how you progress as a basketball player and our son has certainly done that.​

- Troy and Kerri Noard, Glenview Parents

We love the program. Great coaching!  Coach London demands that the players "play the right way" rather than run around and play street ball.

- Rob Weil, Northbrook Parent

Our son has been playing for Coach London for several years and continues to show steady improvement and an increasing love for the game.  I still remember watching my son's first practice when Coach London told all of the kids to forget everything that they were taught about playing basketball and he slowly started teaching them the true fundamentals of the game.  Watching those same kids playing together today as a “team” is truly special.

- Mark & Tanya Schooley, Northbrook Parents

We love MAN UP!!!! The name speaks for itself.  Aaron teaches these kids how to play basketball properly.  He focuses on discipline and fundamentals, something that most of the other programs in the area do not.  He teaches these kids to be team players, that it isn’t about the skills of one person on the court, and finds ways to let every kid shine.  He truly wants every kid to be successful.  At the end of the day, he doesn’t care about whether they win or lose, but rather how they play and the effort put in.  Important lessons in today’s society. You will not be disappointed.

- Lindsay Goldberg, Deerfield Parent

Our son has played for Aaron London for two years, and we can’t say enough good things about Coach London and MAN UP. Coach London not only runs the program, but he is there leading every practice and coaching every game. A coach, educator and parent, Coach London brings the best of all three to the gym. He knows the game of basketball, teaches proper fundamentals and helps players develop individually, while getting them to buy into a team-first style of play, something opposing-team parents often say they envy. As an educator, he understands how to enlighten kids by making practices productive, exciting and, most importantly, fun. As a parent (he has two kids), Coach London understands the idea of tough love. He demands a lot from his players, and doesn’t coddle, but his players always know he’s got their best interests at heart. Coach London is professional, hard-working and humorous, and truly makes his players and their parents feel like they are part of the MAN UP family.


- Dan and Marnie Shalin, Evanston Parents

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed playing for Coach Aaron for the last 3 years. He continues to learn and enhance his fundamentals of basketball. MAN UP stresses sportsmanship, playing hard, and playing as a team which he understands and abides by. He understands that while off-the-court he must act accordingly as well. My wife and I very pleased that our son is part of the MAN UP Program.

Donovan and Tina Robinson, Northbrook Parents

I wanted to say thank you for a great spring season in the MAN UP basketball program. The quality of your program is terrific, and we especially appreciated your ability to provide great instruction while at the same time making it fun for the players during both games and practices. With my son being new to the program this year, we had concerns about how well he would fit into the program and how quickly he could adapt to playing with a new group of teammates. Thanks to your coaching, he was able to learn the system quickly and make a smooth transition into the new program. We also greatly appreciated the individual instruction you provided when he fell into bad habits with his shooting form -- he was able to get some extra work in during practice and you helped him to correct the problem in a short period of time. It made him much more confident in his abilities on the court, which in turn greatly improved the quality of his play.

- Eric Rohn, Highland Park Parent

Basketball for today's youth isn't what it was for my generation. In today's highly competitive climate, Coach London has provided the tools to both of my boys to learn and grow from the game. Its not just how they have progressed as athletes on the court, but also how they have matured as men off of the court. ​


- Chad Cohen, Northbrook Parent


Having had two college kids go through all the programs on the North Shore in the past, we were looking for an improved experience when our youngest entered AAU basketball.   We found that with Aaron.  We specifically wanted consistent coaching on fundamentals and the kids to learn team play and how to pass. These were things lacking in other programs, we found all of that with Coach London.


- Render Dahiya, Glenview Parent

We have all three of our sons playing for Aaron. We love how Aaron focuses on fundamentals, team play and individual improvement. He strives for his teams to achieve success above and beyond what other programs do not even attempt.


- Stacy and Pat Fitzgerald, Northfield Parents

My son just completed his first season with Coach London. In a word, impressive. For a child who lives and breathes for the sport, Aaron's coaching provides the right mixture of intensity, passion, discipline and fun. He cares deeply about his players. He sets high expectations and devotedly guides players on a steady path toward improvement.


- Linda Tarbet, Kenilworth Parent

Our son has been on travel teams for several years and loves the game of basketball.  This was our first year with Coach London and I would recommend his program to anyone. His passion for the game is contagious and we have never seen our son play harder for any other coach.  Coach London has instilled confidence in him and has made him a better player. Thanks for all you do...keep up the amazing work!


- Russ Brody, Buffalo Grove Parent

Aaron London and his program is a WOW!  If you want your son's passion, self confidence, GRIT, and teamwork to flourish then have your son work with him.  I have enjoyed watching my son elevate his game and learn to trust himself and his teammates to reach a higher potential.


- Leslie Forman, Buffalo Grove Parent

Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication. It has been so much fun watching you coach our son over the past four years. Your devotion to the boys has been proven by their performance on the court. We appreciate your passionate coaching style and how well you've treated our son. You are able to bring the best out of him when he's playing basketball. You have exceeded our expectations as a coach and we are grateful for the support you've shown our son on and off the court. Thank you again for developing him into the player he is today.


- Randi Mueller, Northbrook Parent 

I feel that Coach Aaron London’s experience and knowledge of the game has improved our son's game tremendously.  While it may seem intense at first, I applaud Coach London’s animated, energetic, and enthusiastic coaching style.  Coach London has truly made a positive difference in our son's game.


- Roy and Susan Rhee, Northbrook Parents

Aaron has an enthusiasm for the game that is infectious.  The instruction and the intensity of the practice is just what my daughter was looking for.  He is a coach that is always looking for ways to improve the kids and the program.  Had a great experience and looking forward to next season.   


- Andy Engels, Glenview Parent

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