***Equal the Playing Field sponsored by Man Up Basketball, is an organization with the goal to provide equal educational resources to Chicago Public School students during school closures, due to COVID-19. With this national crisis continuing to get worse by the minute, we do not know when schools will be able to reopen. Unfortunately it could be an extended period of time. That means many students in Chicago will not be capable of receiving the education they deserve during this quarantine. Many schools across the nation have begun the process of online learning, the problem is in Chicago so many students do not have access to the internet or computers. There are an estimated 363,000 students in Chicago, 4% are homeless and thousands more don’t have access to the internet. We have estimated 15,000-20,000 students will not have access to the internet nor any education resources during this crisis. ETPF’s goal is to give less fortunate students a chance to pursue an education during the Quarantine. Every child deserves an equal chance to succeed in this world, we just need to make sure that an equal opportunity is given. We ask you to join us, so that during this time everyone gets a fair opportunity at an education! Please stay safe during this time, we are all in this together! #EqualThePlayingField

MAN UP Basketball is hoping to raise $200,000 to purchase educational resources and technology to level the playing field!  All donations will be used to provide a bridge for low income children to continue their educational future.***

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